Story of the picture

The multi color blanket that Zoe is holding is made from hundreds of colors of pure cashmere yarn that she has collected over the past 8 years since establishing Zoe Couture. The blanket was hand knitted and took months to finish, it is truly priceless and brings inspiration to each of her collections.

Zoe Couture was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles by chief designer Zoe Zhang. Each collection is produced in the world’s largest cashmere empire, Inner Mongolia. Our brand is driven by an idealistic sense of place, product, and lifestyle. Zoe is inspired by the unique luxury of European design. Her collections exude the warmth and cozy naturalism of California, the simple and classic sophistication of Paris, and the confidence and edge of the British in collections that are effortless, feminine, and intriguing. Every piece is beautifully made with special attention to every detail. Our finest quality workmanship brings out the unique silhouettes with a fabulous soft feel.

Her one of a kind pieces are featured in over 300 national boutique stores including The Plaza Hotel in NYC, Ritz Carlton Florida, Julius Sacramental, My Place in Newport beach, and Hararri in Beverly Hills.

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Her collection offers one of a kind hand dyed and hand painted techniques that are individually created by local artists. Each piece is eye catching and offers a classic edgy twist. Her Autumn & Winter collection features our trademark 100% luxurious cashmere and only uses natural fibers and materials for trim, such as butter soft lambskin, suede, and mother of pearl buttons. Tissue fine silk and cashmere blends along with cotton and cashmere blends are used throughout the spring season. Her collections feature soft textures and rich textiles with unexpected details, adding a unique twist to the high end woman’s knitwear market.



“Zoe Couture’s women are strongly independent, unique in their identity, and live active yet stylish lifestyles.”

Zoe Zhang