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The following applies to KNIT fabrics, not WOVEN fabrics.


Always allow your antiperspirant or deodorant to completely dry before slipping into your cashmere.

Never spritz yourself with perfume or cologne while wearing the cashmere because it stains and attracts moths. Always spray or dab your perfume directly onto skin before dressing.


Hand Wash

The care label reads “dry clean only”. But hand washing a cashmere sweater will actually make it softer over time. Washing will rid your garments of perfume, body oils, and food from wearing, which can leave stains behind and become a potential food source for moths. Turn the garment inside out to wash the fabric where stains and odors build up on the inside closest to your body.

Step 1: Be sure to hand wash in room temperature water(around 21 degrees C, or 70 degrees F), using baby  shampoo or a natural, mild liquid detergent free of dye and bleach.

Step 2: Dissolve all cleaner thoroughly and then put the cashmere into the water. Using your hands by gently pressing  and squeezing it, DO NOT TWIST, RUB, WRING or STRETCH the garment during washing.

Thoroughly rinse the garment in clean water. Be sure that all the soap has been rinsed out  and press out excess water, again, DO NOT TWIST, RUB, WRING or STRETCH!


The best way to dry your cashmere is by air-drying. Lay it flat over a clean towel away from direct sunlight or excess heat. Never hang a cashmere sweater- it will cause shoulder dimples, and the pull of gravity will distort the overall shape.


Step 1: Wash cashmere before ironing it. Never iron a dirty cashmere garment, which can cause any dirt or grime to set in the fibers permanently.

Step 2: Lay your cashmere garment on a clean towel to dry and smooth out the wrinkles. This limits the wrinkles that can form and possibly saves you from having to iron at all. Let the garment dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Turn the garment inside out and lay it flat on an ironing board, smoothing it as wrinkle-free as possible. Turn your iron on to the lowest heat and steam setting and let it warm up for a few minutes.

Step 4: Lightly press the iron down on your garment. Keep the iron moving constantly in slow strokes while it is on the garment. Letting the iron sit in any one spot can burn fibers and damage the sweater. Work over the garment with the iron gently until you’ve removed wrinkles.

Dry Clean

We would like to suggest taking a heavier piece, such as jackets or coats to professional dry cleaning. Cashmere products with fur or leather trim must be sent for professional dry cleaning.

Stain Removal

If you want to treat stains yourself, treat it immediately with cold water and a stain remover. After stain remover has penetrated, wash cashmere as normal.


Clean cashmere products before storing them. Moths are attracted to natural fibers, especially when they are dirty or stained. When storing cashmere, fold them around a piece of tissue paper to help prevent wrinkles. Put cedar or lavender balls that helps to prevent moth damages. Try not to hang your sweaters.


If balling appears after a few washes then a simple run through with a cashmere comb will resolve it.