Hand Painted Tissue Fine Scarf - Abstract


The hand painted tissue fine scarf in our abstract coloration is, plain and simple, a work of art. Differing colors of teal, red, soft peaches and darker plums all mingle together into something almost dreamlike. This is a large scarf that can be worn like a cover up, a scarf, a shawl, a wrap, and many other beautiful possibilities. People will be asking you where you got this jaw-dropping piece, and you can tell them that only Zoe Couture can achieve this beautiful display with our hand dying technique. The edges have a fray-fringe for a subtle detail that wont clash with the hand-painting, but still gives you a final touch of elegance.

This piece was hand painted with care and artistry. Each one differs slightly, so please be aware that yours may have pattern differences from the one on your screen. Don't worry, though; we've checked each one to make sure each one is as beautiful as the last.

Hand wash only
100% Micro Modal
Imported from Inner Mongolia
Hand Painted